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Our Custom Consulting Services Handles All Your HR Recruitment Strategy Needs

Whether you’ve recently completed our Review and Report services or not, Custom Consulting services can help you to take professional and reliable insights and turn them into sustainable strategies over the long term. Whether you need new processes or coaching for your team, we can help.

Get the bespoke hiring solutions your company needs.

How Custom Consulting Service Works

Recruiting and HR Consulting should involve more than a written recommendation. The best HR recruitment leaders design tangible strategies based on the challenges and needs of your organization. That’s why we partner directly with you and develop customized solutions that help you today and well into the future.

We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty and happily build tools and solutions for our clients. How does this translate when put into practice?

It looks like not only selecting and implementing tools, but also conducting detailed training, and building strategy with our clients. We also build standalone dashboards or partner with your BI team to build more robust reporting tools.

Ultimately, with the Custom Consulting service, you get all the resources and setup you need to build strategies that serve your organization well into the future.

We will work directly with you to access your tools, systems, stakeholders, and data to create reliable solutions.

Scale your business with confidence, with OUR support.

HR recruitment is complicated, and it often takes months to not only implement these changes but to see results.

That’s why we follow up with our clients 3, 6, and 9 months later to see how our recommendations have impacted their business goals and help make adjustments as needed.

What To Expect from custom consulting Services

If you’re looking for help implementing and addressing specific business challenges, then the Custom Consulting service is the right option.

Fully customized end-to-end candidate experiences

Inclusive and efficient application and interview process

Custom-made interviewer training programs

Tailored sourcing and outreach strategies and tools

Feedback collection from hiring managers and candidates

Collaboration with Marketing, Finance, HR, and IT to drive efficiencies

Guidance for identifying, selecting, and implementing recruiting tools like applicant tracking systems, AI sourcing and scheduling, coding platforms, and virtual interviewing tools

Outcomes Available Include:

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