Small Companies: Hire a Recruiting Coordinator Before a Talent Sourcer

August 13, 2021

When small companies increase their hiring plans for the first time, I often get asked, “Should we hire a full-time recruiting coordinator or talent sourcer?”

Many companies decide to hire a full-time talent sourcer first to address the need for more candidates to fill their record number of open positions. While I understand this logic, my recommendation is to invest in a high-caliber recruiting coordinator instead.

A strong recruiting coordinator is the SWISS Army knife of your recruiting team. With the right training, support, and autonomy a recruiting coordinator can:

  • Create and manage the candidate experience, acting as a brand ambassador
  • Run interview days, saving interview teams countless hours and lots of confusion
  • Act as an application analyst for your applicant tracking system (ATS), updating workflows, templates, etc.
  • Maintain and optimize job descriptions and job postings on your careers page and on third party sites
  • Process offer letters, background checks, and help with onboarding
  • Manage calendars for recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers
  • Run social media channels and campaigns
  • Provide back-of-house support to recruiters (including sourcing!)
  • Identify and recommend improvements to every aspect of the hiring process

Additionally, by removing the above tasks from your recruiter’s plate, your recruiter will have more time to source candidates, handle more open requisitions, and provide a better candidate experience.

Not convinced yet? Coordinators typically cost less than talent sourcer and you can more easily outsource talent sourcing to freelancers on sites like UpWork or Fiverr for a fraction of the cost of a full-time talent sourcer.

Still not convinced? Coordinators are high-potential employees who often transition to other roles in your organization including recruiters, sourcers, analysts, customer service, executive assistants, sales, and more!

Do you need help designing your recruiting team or practices?

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