From Strategic Planning to Inclusive Hiring Practices, Lauren Supports Companies That Believe In The Power of Their People.

Companies of all sizes have the potential to unlock new business opportunities simply by evaluating their approach to talent acquisition. What you need is a sustainable approach that transforms the behaviors and decisions your team makes with each hire.

How We Work Together

Review and Report

As your Recruiting and HR consultant, we provide detailed reviews and reports to help you see where you stand.

Stop wondering what you’re doing wrong and start leveraging what you do right, with actionable insights from an HR recruiting consultant who’s eager to learn about your business. We are dedicated to ensuring your business is successful, which is why we take our time to review your existing recruiting systems in detail.

Custom Consulting

Business growth starts with better recruitment strategies, and our Custom Consulting service handles all your HR recruitment strategy needs.

Recruiting and HR Consulting should involve more than a written recommendation. The best HR recruitment leaders design tangible strategies based on the challenges and needs of your organization. That’s why we partner directly with you and develop customized solutions that help you today and well into the future.


You need a roadmap for how you’ll attract, assess, and hire your teams. 

But there is so much more involved in this process than hitting certain benchmarks. Rather than using trial and error, Lauren will suggest multiple tools and strategies to support your planning process. Get the help you need to create a successful plan in any area when you work with Lauren.

Planning Services:

  • Workforce Planning
  • Headcount Planning
  • Recruiting Team Design
  • Recruiting Stakeholder Relationships
  • Tool Selection & Optimization


Multiple variables affect your organization’s approach to talent acquisition.

Recognizing this fact, Lauren can provide customized acquisition strategies built to fit your company’s needs. Unlike staffing agencies, Lauren can offer custom-fit solutions built on your industry, hiring goals, and unique company values.

Acquisition Services:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Market Research
  • Career Page Development
  • Referral Program Design
  • Non-traditional Hiring Programs


How you make hiring decisions is just as important as the team you select.

The hiring process is more nuanced than ever before, which means you need an experienced recruiting leader to guide you.

For example, inclusive behaviors drive profitability with gender-diverse executive teams having a 25 percent more likelihood of above-average profitability, and more ethnically diverse teams to increase profitability by 36 percent, according to McKinsey research. From aiding you in creating an effective interview process that consistently delivers quality hires to designing the best offer and candidate closing process, Lauren can produce tools, resources, and professional guidance for your selection process.

Selection Services:

  • Interview Process Design
  • Interviewer Training
  • Hiring Decision Making
  • Competitive Compensation Review
  • Offer, Closing, & Negotiation Strategies


Data is powerful.

One major challenge with your recruiting initiatives could be a lack of rigor. By tracking and measuring how effective your recruiting initiatives are, data can help inform your most important hiring decisions. Lauren can utilize over 15 years of experience and an intrinsic passion for data to help you maximize the insights it contains.

Measurement Services:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Data Hygiene
  • Recruiter KPIs
  • Recruiting Dashboards
  • Executive Reports


Recruiters can do anything but not everything.

They too, require training to be good at what they do. Lauren can provide hands-on instruction and support to help recruiting leaders and teams build the technical and business skills needed to succeed. Reduce the cost and risks associated with hiring or promoting a new recruiting leader, by partnering with an experienced consultant and coach to train your team.

Recruiter Coaching Services:

  • Train-The-Trainer
  • Recruiting Leader Coaching
  • On-Demand Support for Transition


During times of transition and challenging events, strategic guidance is essential.

No matter what changes your company is undergoing, Lauren can provide the support, key expert insights, and strategies you need to overcome whatever it is you face.

Strategic Guidance Services:

  • 1: 1 Consulting
  • Coaching Calls
  • Strategy Sessions

Helping your team to internalize industry-leading hiring practices is what Lauren does best. 

From inclusive hiring strategies to unconscious bias training and data utilization, Lauren can help your people excel long after your initial engagement.

Providing you with the fundamentals and a clear understanding of the best practices for YOUR company is Lauren’s focus, and regardless of the service or support you need, Lauren is here to help you achieve your hiring goals.